Egg Retrieval

How should i prepare myself for the day?

Depending on the stimulation protocol and the patients response the ovum pick up day may vary from 10-12.The day of pickup will be decided by the consultant.You have to be fasting for 4-6 hrs preferably , to avoid some sort of nausea and vomiting which may occur due to medications and also will be helpful to administer some sedatives and painkillers during the procedure. In the worst case it might also help us do deal with the some complications which may occur during the procedure, which is very rare .

What can I expect when I reach the clinic?

You will be asked to change the dress, and taken to the operating theatre ,iv line is put to maintain the fluid balance, and will be given light sedation and analgesics before the procedure starts.

Should I be strictly punctual?

Punctuality is very essential because ovum pick up has to done before ovulation. Secondly , it ensures pick ups as scheduled for the other patients after yours.

Is the pick up painful?

Pick up is done under light sedation. Even after that some people might experience slight discomfort. It all depends on everybody's pain threshold.


How long does the procedure take?

It may vary from 30 seconds to 5 minutes,depending upon the case.

What are the complications expected?

During the procedure it might cause some minor problem such as bleeding from the needle sight, to some major complications like intestinal or bladder injury in very difficult cases which occurs rarely.

How long will i take to recover and when will i be sent home?

You will recover with in 30 minutes and will be kept for 2-3 hrs for observation. Once you are out of sedation and mild cramps you can go home.

Will I be given some medications and advise at the time of discharge?

Yes, you will be given some painkillers if u feel some discomfort. You might notice slight nleeding and discomfort sometimes which is normal. If the pain or bleeding is excess please contact your doctor immediately.

What are the Dos and Donts after OPU?

You are advised to take adequate rest. You should not indulge in heavy sternous house hold work, sports, abstinence from sex, gym for few days to a week. Then onwards you can do all the routine activities as usual. The day after pick up you might feel little tired and thirsty. You can take plenty of oral fluids and a light diet .