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Male infertility causes  

For normal pregnancy to occur both male and female must be healthy. Male factor is solely responsible for  about 20%  of infertile couples. Unfortunately, everybody has a misconception that females are solely responsible for infertility. Traditionally, females are blamed for barrenness . So, females are subjected to unnecessary interventions. For the fertility process to proceed smoothly, both the man and woman should be healthy and normal. Identifying any underlying conditions that may affect a man's fertility prior to initiating any treatments can help spare couples the distress of attempting ineffective treatments.
It is important to note that infertility and impotence are quite different entities. Impotence means an inability to attain or sustain erection for satisfactory sexual intercourse. So, it has nothing to do with the fertility status of a man. It is thus possible for an impotent man to be fertile.
A number of clinical conditions and disease entities can render a man infertile.
VARICOCOELE: Just like dilated veins in the legs, there may be dilatation of veins in the scrotum causing swelling . This causes increased blood supply and increased temperature resulting in decreased sperm production.
INFECTIONS: Acute infections like small pox, mumps, sexually transmitted diseases and chronic infections like tuberculosis, leprosy, cause negative impact on sperm production and may lead to antibody formation with seminal fluid abnormalities.
INJURY: Direct or indirect injuries like trauma, heat, radiation, chemotherapy, toxins, recreational drugs
Alcohol causes negative impact on sperm production and normal morphology.
PREVIOUS SURGERIES like scrotal, inguinal,retroperitoneal and vasectomy can lead to obstruction of semen  ejaculation.
CRYPTORCHIDISM : In undescended testes where testes fails to descend from its  normal pathway and might be found in the abdomen . Since, testes is sensitive to temperature it will affect the normal sperm production. These individuals have high rate of malignancy too. Hence, it has to be corrected surgically.
GENETIC ABNORMALITIES like Klinefelters Syndrome,Cystic fibrosis , Youngs syndrome, Adrenal hyperplasia either cause abnormal  quality, quantity  and  motility.