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What is infertility?

Infertility means , couple fail to have a child even after one year of unprotected sex. This is called primary infertility. Repeated miscarriages and unable to have a child also means infertility , where it is referred to as secondary infertility.

How common is the infertility problem?

About 10- 12% of women suffer from infertility.

Is infertility just a woman's problem?

No, not always a woman's problem. In about 40% of cases it is due to the female causes 40% due to male factors, and around 20% both are responsible.

When should I consult a doctor?

If you are below 35yrs , better consult a doctor if u fail to conceive even after 1 yr of unprotected sex. And if you are above 35 yrs, better to consult after 6 months of failed attempts.

How does age affect fertility?

As the age increases there is decrease in the quantity and quality of eggs. It also leads to delay in the release of eggs, even miscarriages increase. So consult your doctor at the appropiriate age .

How can I know that I might suffer from fertility problems?

Some of the symptoms may point towards consulting the doctor and not exactly say that you are infertile. Like regular cycles with pain , clear white discharge pre and post midcycle, say that you are ovulating. Irregular cycle, frequent cycle, prolonged periods, chronic white discharge and pain abdomen, severe painful periods ,painful intercourse all these might sugges t you to visit your doctor .

Does contraceptive measures affect fertility if taken for long time?

No not at all. OCP and intrauterine devices have not shown to affect your fertility if used for long time.

Is there any problem if I conceive just immediately after stopping the OC pills?

No . Its quite safe to conceive with in one month of stopping contraception. Studies have shown no effct on the fetus if conceived.

How can I roughly assess my fertile period?

In a regular cycle of 28 days , it is on 14 day +_ 2 days. You also may notice mid cyclic pain with profuse watery discharge for about 2 days in and around ovulation. Now a days, ovulation kits are available to make it easy all the more. If you really want to confirm ovulation you should go for ovulation studies by ultrasound.

How long does the ova and the sperms remain viable for fertilization?

Ova remain viable for 24 hrs, where as sperms remain alive for 4-5 days.

Does usage of lubricants affect fertility?

Yeah, lubricants are sperm killers, even natural fluids like saliva.

Does any particular position help to increase the fertility?

Not exactly, position really doesn't matter. May be just keeping the hips high after coitus may help the gravity to keep the sperms in for a long time.

How often should we have intercourse?

It is a good idea to have intercourse every other day around the time you ovulate. It is preferable to have intercourse every other day rather than every day so that sufficient sperm will be available.

Does failure to have orgasm in females lead to infertility?

No, orgasm has nothing to do with the fertility. This is the commonest myth the couple have.

How do I boost my fertility?

Boost your fertility with healthy life styles , like nutriotious diet, exercise, maintain BMI (body mass index) , avoid unhealthy drinks, alchohol, smoking.

What are the tests which I might undergo?

Tests can be non inavasive, minimally invasive and invasive depending upon the severity of the problem. The initial investigations may include blood tests for hormones , ultrasound. The others can be hysterosalpingogram(HSG-x ray of the uterus) laparoscopy, hystero- lap(external and internal visualisation of thr uterus).

What are the problems men can have ?

Men can suffer from decrease in quality and quantity of sperms. Common sexual problems are premature ejaculation, retrograde ejaculation, inability to have intercourse, swelling of the scrotum ( varicocoele) . Sometimes a man is born with the problems that affect his sperm.

what care should men take to keep up the quality and quantity of sperms?

The number and quality of a man's sperm can be affected by his overall health and lifestyle.Some of them are alcohol, drugs, toxins, smoking, medicines, radiation and ofcourse theage factor.

Are hot tubs really bad for a man?

Yes,High temperatures can damage sperm. That is why the scrotum is located outside the body to act as a kind of refrigerator to keep the sperm cool.

Should it be done in a general gynec hospital or an infertility clinic?

Preferably in a infertility clinic with adequate facilities with an expertee.But, don't worry, most of them are day care investigations.

Is the treatment really expensive?

Depends on the severity of the problem . Timely approach reduces the cost of treatment I must say.

What are the treatments available ?

It could be simple ouvulation studies by ultrasound, or else IUI( intrauterine insemination),IVF, ICSI.

Higher the price better the treatment! Is it so?

No , it depends on the quality of the treatment and not the cost. But the cost varies in each infertility centre.